Emerald Organics was founded in 2006 by Abaconians to find an alternative, sustainable way to farm organically in the Bahama Islands.  Our aim is to humanely and organically raise animals for meat and eggs.  We want to cultivate culturally indigenous fruits and vegetables and short term crops that will grow with minimal intervention.  When intervention is necessary we use nature’s local remedies like neem-based pesticides and seaweed and manure fertilisers, along with our own farm compost. 

Specially bred hot-weather sheep and free ranging flocks of geese, ducks and chickens are all raised organically. With 75 acres under cultivation now, we also grow our own [organic!] hay for sheep feed.

We use renewable or recycled resources – solar power for pumping our own well water and discarded packing crates for sheep shelters – whenever possible.



A key aspect of Emerald Organics is our ambition to educate and excite the next generation about locally grown food products.  

Since January, 2007, a firm partnership has been established with Every Child Counts Schoolallowing use of the farm as an outdoor classroom, taking learning disabled children regularly for practical experience in agricultural techniques and animal husbandry.  The smiles on their faces when they take 'their' produce to market makes it all worthwhile!