Traditionally Abaco crops have been short term exportable cash crops, intensively fed to compensate for the relatively poor soil of these limestone islands.  Treasured favourites have been grown slowly, in grandma’s yard, or sent from other Family Islands by thoughtful relatives.  They are becoming harder and harder to find.

Emerald Organics has begun an ambitious programme to cultivate long term crops, by planting a wide array of tropical produce unfamiliar in the traditional commercial markets including:
Strawberry guava, Guinep, Sea Grape, Barbados Cherry, Breadfruit, Pomegranate, Mango, Mulberry, Sugar Apple, Tamarind, Avocado and Sapodilla.
Short term crops are used to provide cash and a visible learning experience and include eddo, cassava, pumpkin, plantain, papaya and tomatoes.


Organic Fertiliser
Seaweed is donated by local resorts who sweep their beaches. We compost this on site, together with our own manure and waste.  This is used to mulch crops which helps suppress weeds, provides nutrients and retains moisture during the dry season.  We plant local pigeon peas which fix nitrogen into the soil as well as providing a valuable wind break around the perimeter.  Our own wells provide fresh water, which is pumped using solar energy only when required.


Organic Pesticides 
Prevention is the first step to healthy crops.  Crop rotation is strictly adhered to.  Planting is mixed, so no area is given over to any one crop, preventing pests a free reign should they arrive.  Natural vegetation is allowed to flourish on sidelines, giving nature's predators a habitat and a chance to repel invaders as well as providing wind protection. 

A few neem trees are strategically placed to discourage pests. A preventative spraying of neem tea and garlic is used on vulnerable plants.  Biological methods are also being investigated to combat potential pests.  

Free ranging chickens keep the bug population under control as well as proving mobile fertiliser units!