Our flock has a selection of breeds – some selected for yields, whilst other rare breeds lay blue eggs.  Chicks were initially imported from a leading US breeder.  Although the flock was decimated by wild dogs in 2010, we now hatch our own Abaco breeds and hope to begin egg production again soon.
All birds free range with basic shelters for roosting and nesting– their favourite local dishes are shepherd needles and coconut.  We supplement this with organic chicken food to ensure health and good egg quality.
Our free range, organic eggs, high in Omega 3 oils and superior in every way to imported eggs, are will be available through local supermarkets soon.


We have a small flock of tropical short hair sheep, started in with 7 animals in 2007. 
The Flock now numbers over 40 This relatively rare breed deals effectively with our hot summers. The lambing process has provided an enjoyable learning experience for all involved.

Additionally, the proud papa and ram-of-the-house 'Jet', won Best Ram in the 2009 and 2010 Bahamas Agribusiness Expo.  We were also recognised for best husbandry practices of pasture rotation and second best in overall health and appearance.
Sheep graze on specially planted pastures and enjoy local treats such as nathia grass and pigeon peas.... and now our own locally grown organic hay.

Ducks & Geese Galore!

Situated in their own private pond in a secure enclosure, our duck are thriving.  We have hatched out several clutches, growing from a few donated birds to a flock of over 100 in a very short time.  We are selling individual birds to the local market and hope to enhance local menus with these delicacies. They provide great interest and enjoyment to the school children.   Although wild dogs decimated our geese population, we are hopeful to begin breeding at some point.