Every Child Counts is the only school for learning disabled children in the Northeast Bahamas.  Children attend from all over the islands to obtain an education that they are unable to receive in main stream schools. Many are profoundly disabled.  For many of these children, the opportunities provided by ECC will enable them to perform in a basic work environment and achieve a level of independence.
At Emerald Organics, we work with specific children to show them the basics of farming: how to sow, tend and reap. For two days per week during term time, they come to the farm and together with volunteers, they work and learn.  Sometimes, they take their products to market and calculate their invoices.  The individual stories of some of the children who work with us provide hope and inspiration - click on the images at the top right of the screen to read more.

Field trips
In addition to the individuals that we work with, we are always pleased to welcome larger groups by appointment.  These sights are often unfamiliar to young children, and are always a great (learning!) day out.