Our funding and plans:
Funding is provided through private investment and donations.

Income is generated through local sales of eggs, fruit, vegetables and small plants.  Our re-investment programme has enabled us to expand from 25 acres to 75 acres in the last 2 years.  We plan to grow the crops and flocks to commercially viable levels and then expand our operations.  For example, we have the space for a food preparation area in the barn and plan to fit this for jam making to include more children from ECC school.  Ultimately we hope to be able to offer employment to graduates of ECC.

Our Supporters
We are grateful to local businesses who support us:

  • Pinewoods Nursery provides an outlet for our products as well materials.

  • National Marine helps us with our equipment and buildings.

  • Zig Zag Aviation provides equipment and manpower.

  •  Island Bakery provides the bread for our boy's lunches

  • Every Child Counts gives financial and moral support

  • Abaco Custom Signs helped with signage

  • Dirk Reitsma & Melvern Wells have supported our farming efforts.


How can you help?
Buy our products at Pinewoods Nursery or contact us for livestock queries.

We are grateful for, and rely on, donations - please click on the Donations tab above for details.

Additionally, more volunteers are always needed, for example to help supervise children - please contact us.


Our Structure
The farm is located south of Marsh Harbour, on 75 areas of Abaco pine barren leased from the Bahamian government. 
It is managed and children are taught entirely by volunteers for whom we are extremely grateful. 


Local labour is used for some farm work and the farm's facilities include:  

  • a partially recycled barn structure for indoor working space and for emergency housing of animals during hurricanes.
  • a new (donated)  tractor and farming attachments
  • an eco system for on site human waste
  • basic shelters (using recycled material where possible) to house the hens, ducks, geese and sheep 
  • enclosed sheep pastures
  • a pump house and tank to facilitate water  for plants and animals
  • three a shaded plant nursery areas, using donated materials