Rahim's Story

has attended ECC since he was eight.  He previously had difficulty finding a work study niche which fit his needs and ambitions.

Rahim has joined us at Emerald Organics in 2007 for 2 days per week.  He has learned  to attend to a task and work to its completion.  Because of a long term back injury, Rahim has been trained in planting of seeds and the care of young tender seedlings.  He has learned about soils and how to prepare planting media and has learned to water properly, using a small watering can that he is able to lift.  Rahim has been taught to apply neem oils for insect prevention, and manure and seaweed tea for fertilization.
With the freedom that Emerald Organics offers Rahim has blossomed.  We continue to work with him through difficulties he encounters. He has been given a skill, albeit small, but one in which he has succeeded for the first time in his life.