Terrell's Story

has been a student at ECC since he was ten.  Born on Abaco, he struggled in the mainstream public school for years.
  This undermined  his confidence and self esteem.
Terrell joined the Emerald Organics team in January 2007.  He is articulate and a deep thinker, and enjoys his time at the farm immensely.  He gets great satisfaction from assisting with harvesting of short term crops, showing great pride in the realization that he helped to grow food products.  Together with his teammate Rahim, Terrell has assisted in the small seedling nursery and has mastered this skill.  He has learned to care for the ducks and geese, assisting in their daily feed and watering regimen.  He has shown particular happiness when asked to help with newly hatched ducks, exhibiting a very tender side to his personality. 
The farm trips have impacted Terrell deeply, as it has all the boys, and he has grown and matured in the past two years.  He is able to focus for hours at a time without faltering, and he says that his favourite part of the farm experience are the provided lunches!