Treviano's Story

Trevaino gets up every morning at 5:30 am to catch his first ride on his journey to ECC school.  From the extreme north western tip of Abaco he carpools into the Coopers' Town settlement.  Here he is able to travel on the government provided school bus to Marsh Harbour.  He arrives at ECC at about 8:45 am.  Dedicated to coming to school daily, he also thrives on his trips to Emerald Organic 2 days per week. 

Treviano came to the farm with many hands on skills which he had been taught by his carpenter father.  He puts these skills to use and enjoys assisting in any building project.  He has learned poultry care and loves to help in egg collection.  He made friends with our resident ram and is learning about sheep husbandry.
Treviano is such a hard worker.  He shows initiative and drive.  He will work until he accomplishes the job he was given.  He is always cheerful and helpful, even though his speech impediment causes some frustration when he is not understood.  He is persistent, though, until he makes himself clear. 

When Treviano returned in autumn 2009, he picked up his tasks as if summer break had not happened and continues to strive for the highest.  He can identify many farm tools, and can be sent on farm errands.  This is a great assistance in the course of the work day.  He loves to assist on small projects, and during the month of October, worked side by side with his teachers to pour a 20 x 30 foot concrete floor.  He worked with the same intensity as his teachers with no need for redirection.  Treviano  is responsible enough to operate a lawn mower on his own.

Treviano believes that ECC and Emerald Organics are worth the trip!